Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Iris Center: Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology: An Overview 

This Module offers an overview of assistive technology (AT) and explores ways to expand students' access to it in the classroom (est. completion time: 2 hours).

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Summer vacation had finally arrived! YEAH!! Teachers everywhere are prepared to rest and recharge.

All to soon though, we will be back at it, planning, prepping, and preparing for next school year.  

This summer I want to provide you with some learning opportunities that are sure to help you next school year, and beyond.  I have learned about some great modules that will help give you some information on a variety of school and special education based topics including UDL, AT, and even some on RTI.

Each week I will post a new module from The Iris Center at Vanderbilt Peabody College  (https://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/).  Each module will contain between 1 and 3 hours worth of readings and video watching and will have great information to help you in your classroom next school year.  

I hope you enjoy them and get as much information out of them as I did.  

I will post the first module link next week.  This week rest, relax, recharge, enjoy your time off!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


InsertLearning (https://goo.gl/wpKi1a) is a Google Extension that lets you transform any webpage into an interactive lesson.  You can highlight text, insert post-its, ask questions, insert videos and so much more.  It also integrates with Google Classroom directly from the Toolbar.

This extension was designed by two high school teachers who were looking for a way to let teachers turn the internet into interactive learning experiences for their students.  

Download the Google Extension and go through the Tutorial today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

QR Codes

What is a QR code?  

QR stands for Quick Response.  According to Wikipedia, a QR code is  "a specific matrix bar code (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR bar code readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL, or other data."

QR Codes have a large number of educational options available through the platform.  It can be a great way to share information with your student as well as an interactive way for students to complete assignments.  

Below is a link to a YouTube video on how to create Audio QR codes for classroom use.  

Creat Audio QR Codes (http://bit.ly/audioqrcodevideo)

The following link contains some fun math techniques and strategies using QR codes.
Math QR Codes (https://goo.gl/iMny4a)

Check out the sites and explore the use of QR Codes for your classroom use.