Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Are you looking for something artistic to do?  How about something that is relaxing as well?

This-is-sand lets you create sand art on your computer or other wireless device.  It is a fun, relaxing activity for people of all ages.  

This-is-sand can also be used to help kids learn to click and drag.  In the settings (near the bottom of the home page) toggle off Auto-Flow.  This will require you to click and drag to get the sand to flow.  Students can work on clicking and dragging while moving the sand all across the screen.  

This-is-sand is available online (https://thisissand.com/), in the App Store (https://apple.co/2QFHz7M) and on Google Play (https://bit.ly/2RPk9NX).  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

AVA - Web Captioner

Are you looking for a program that will caption in-person and online conversations?

Ava Closed Captions (Ava.me) is available for Mac, Windows, Web, Android, and iOS devices. With just one click you can display instant captions, no matter what tool you use.

Ava offers free, unlimited automatic captions powered by the best-in-class speech recognition software.  Ava uses AI to transcribe instantly what people say.  With Ava you can caption live conversation, online meetings or even online videos.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Visual Timers

If you have a student that struggles with time management, they may need a visual time to help. Visual timers can also be used to help keep students on task and for some students they are motivating.

Timers can be a stand alone device such as the Time Timer (https://www.timetimer.com/). They are also integrated into Android & iOS devices, and can be visual as well. You can also do a quick search in Google for a timer if you want to have it on a Google Chrome compatible device or to share it up on a smart board for the whole class to see.