Tuesday, November 30, 2021

5-Letter Sight Words Video

I introduced the Quiz Tree YouTube channel in last weeks Blog post.  

In another one of their videos students can learn all of the 5-letter Dolch Sight Words 

This video is just over 7 minutes.  

This video would be a great filler activity for your class.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2-Letter Sight Words Video

Quiz Tree has a YouTube channel that contains some fun, short educational videos.  

In one of the videos they introduce all of the 2-letter Dolch Sight Words  (youtube.com/watch?v=NNFP1CBzlHU).  

The video is just under 2 and a half minutes.  

Let your kids watch it as many times as they like!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

5 Fun and Easy Equipment Free Games

As the colder weather begins here in Michigan, teachers are always looking for indoor movement activities in case outdoor recess is not an option.  Other teachers are always on the lookout for quick brain break activities.  

fit Sanford Health logo
fit by Sanford Health has a bunch of great ideas to help kids stay active.  The site is full of activities and informaiton about fitness as well as some social emotional strategies for students and families.

Their blog post this week is 5 Fun and Easy Equipment Free Games (https://bit.ly/30dAXlU).

Follow the links to check out the site and their recent blog post.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Siri for Personalization and Off-Line Supports

Did you know that you can use Siri to personalize your iDevice experience? With the release of iOS 15 you can now use Siri for advanced personalization and off-line supports.

Siri now learns the contacts you interact with most, new words you type, and topics you read about — all privately on your device. This allows for an improved understanding of speech recognition on the iPad.

Siri can also process a variety of requests offline, without an internet connection. Some of these options include:
  • Timers & Alarms
  • Sharing
  • App Launch
  • Control Audio Playback
  • Settings

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Adding a New Line Within a Cell

Sometimes when I am working in Google Sheets I want some of the information in a cell to start on a new line.  There are times when this helps both visually and for organizational purposes.  

The cell on the left feels cluttered, hard to read.  The cell on the right contains the exact same information but is less cluttered, easier to view.


Previously I would add a bunch of spaces to the end of a section so that the next bit of information would start on a new line.  This process was time consuming and not always accurate when you would print the document.

There is an easier way.

Place your cursor where you want the new line to start. 
On a Mac, use the key combination: command + enter.
On a PC, use the key combination: control + enter.