Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The best time to check your paper for errors is before you turn it in.  

PaperRater.com uses artificial intelligence to detect grammar errors, punctuation issues, and spelling mistakes as well as give you tips to help make you a better writer. You can use the free features without having to signup, login, or download anything.

PaperRater.com also offers FREE plagiarism detection.  Simply upload or copy and paste your paper into the box.  Select your education level, 1st grade through Doctorate.   Enable Plagiarism detection and select continue.  

The free version does have some limitations: 
Maximum 5 pages per paper (longer papers can be broken up into separate submissions)
Maximum 50 submissions per month
Maximum 10 plagiarism checks per month

Despite these limitations, it is a great tool for writers of all ages.  Try it out for yourself the next time you have a paper to write.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Do you have students with never ending questions?
Are you looking for an alternative way to present information to your students?
Do you want to provide your students with alternative ways to learn?

Curiosity drives exploration.
Exploration drives innovation.

HowStuffWorks got its start in 1998 and has grown into a website, series of audio podcasts, and videos that cover a wide range of topics. Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, super volcanoes, empathy, and everything in between. The

Check out their website HowStuffWorks.com. Search for topics in categories such as Health, Auto, Entertainment or even Animals. Look in the about section (https://www.howstuffworks.com/about-hsw.htm) for links to audio podcasts and videos. Use all of these wonderful sections as alternatives to lectures or even as a "Flip-Your-Classroom" alternative.

"I have no special talents, I am only passionately curios."
- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Free Audiobooks for Teens is back!

Overdrive has again paired with SYNC to offer 13 weeks of Free Audiobooks for Teens!  
Individuals will have the opportunity to download 2 FREE audiobooks each week, starting April 26th and running through July 25th!
You can register and sign up for e-mail reminders or text reminders at http://www.audiobooksync.com/.

Listen to the books by downloading the Overdrive app.  The app is available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android, Chromebook, Windows 8 & 10 and Kindle Fire HD.

Check out the SUMMER 2018 SYNC TITLE PAIRINGS (https://audiobooksync.com/2018-sync-titles/) page for the list of available books this summer.

For younger students have them check out the audio book options I discussed in a previous blog post,
Audio books (https://at-udl.blogspot.com/2016/12/audio-books.html)

This is a great opportunity to provide some fun summer reading for our students!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Google Sheets Add-on: Save as Doc

There are a number of reasons data may be saved as a Google Sheet.  Maybe you created a Google Form for a quiz or maybe a Sheet was the easiest way to input the information from a paper-based survey.  What ever the reason, there are just as many reasons why you might want to view the information in a Google Doc as well.  

'Save as Doc' allows you to do this very thing.  'Save as Doc' allows you to take information in a Google Sheets spreadsheet and view it as a Google Document. This is a great tool for making lengthy cell text readable.  This can be a great way to sort out individual responses to a quiz or a survey.

For quick instructions on how to use 'Save as Doc' please follow the instructions in the link below.

'Save as Doc' instructions.