Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Move It!

Last week I posted about an Extension that enforces a distraction free work period, Strict Workflow.
This week I want to talk about an Extension that enforces movement into your day.

Move It
Research shows that movement helps increase productivity. Allowing yourself (and your students) to move around for a few moments in the middle of an intense work period helps you to refocus on the task at hand.

Move It is an easy way to be reminded to move. It integrates a break into your online work. Move It will present you with a random brain break or exercise activity to complete. Once you complete the activity, hit done and the next one will arrive after the designated time interval. 

Move It is only available as a reminder when your computer is online so it is perfect for an intense research session or writing period.  If you give your students online tests, it is great for that as well.

This can be a great whole group activity. Set it up on your computer during the school day or a testing session. When the activity pops up on your screen have the students get up and do it with you. This gives both you and your students a quick break and re-focusing period. 

Try Move It with your class today!

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