Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Strict Workflow

Are you looking for a tool to help students stay on task?  
Are you looking for something that enforces work limits on students without having to be the "bad guy"?
Are the temptations of social media too great when you are working at home? 

Strict Workflow may be just what you need. This Google Extension enforces a 25 minute distraction-free work block, followed by a 5 minute “break”.
The Strict Workflow time management strategy is simple: work hard for 25 minutes without distractions, knowing that a 5 minute break is soon on its way.

The Extension comes pre-configured with a blacklist of popular distracting websites.  You can add to this blacklist or add a whitelist of sites, which is perfect for students.

In the settings you can change the lengths of the work and break timers for students that need those adjustments.  FYI: These times are default for a reason, so only change them if you're certain that they will make you, or your student, more productive.

To use Strict Workflow, once it has been installed:
Click the icon to start a 25-minute work timer.         

After the timer goes off:
Click to start the 5-minute break timer, kick back and relax.       

Repeat until all your work is done. 

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