Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Some Google Extensions are great tools for productivity and organization.  One Extension that can be very helpful is OneTab.


One Tab allows you to convert all of your open tabs into a list of URLs.  

From the list you can restore your tabs individually or all at once.  

Using OneTab can conserve battery power on a laptop/Chromebook.  It can also help speed up your device.  OneTab temporarily reduces the amount of memory your computer or chromebook uses, when you keep too many tabs running in the background.

The URL list can also be exported to save for later or to be shared with someone.

OneTab may be just the tool your students need when they are working on a research paper for your class.  They can open and view multiple tabs.  When computer time is over, they send the OneTab list to their G-Mail for later review and use.  They will have all of their research available to them, without having to continually start over or remember what they had searched for previously.  

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