Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Must-Have Google Slides Add-Ons for Teachers

This weeks video comes from Sam Kary, New EdTech Classroom.

In his video, Must-Have Google Slides Add-Ons for Teachers (https://youtu.be/jvpU2qPAt-k), Sam talks about 9 helpful Google Slides Add-Ons.  

1. Unsplash
2. Extensis Fonts
3. Flaticon
4. Slides Translator
5. Easy Accents
6. Hypatia
7. Pear Deck
8. Slido
9. Nearpod

If you have never looked through or installed an add-on it is simple.  I have created a very quick tutorial to show you how.  

Google: Install an Add-On (https://bit.ly/38on9XO)

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