Tuesday, August 22, 2017


If you haven't noticed yet, I love Google Extensions. There are so many wonderful things they can do and most of them are FREE.

  Scrible is a Google Extension and a Google App.  The app lets you annotate, bookmark, save, manage & share online articles. The extension offers a tool bar that is a great way to annotate, tag and share online articles and webpages.  Both the app and the extension offer a Scrible account for storing your information.  The app and extension have features that let you:

  • move the tool bar, starts at the bottom of the page
  • highlight text
  • add post-it
  • change text color
  • Underline 
  • Bold 
  • Italic
  • Strikethrough
  • e-mail or save the annotated file for later
The extension also:

  • Notifies you when you’re on a webpage you previously annotated
  • Prompts you to load your previous annotations
  • Automatically loads your most recent annotations while you browse the Web
To create a Scrible account go to www.scrible.com

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