Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Color overlays can help students with Dyslexia. Sometimes people with light sensitivity can be helped by switching reading items to 'white on black'. Certain individuals need the font size increased to be able to read. Having an article read out-loud can help some students understand it better. All of these concerns can be addressed with one Google Extension.



The concept behind ATbar is simple, one toolbar to provide all of the features you would usually achieve through the use of different settings or products.

ATbar is an Accessibility toolbar. It has options available to work within most webpages.  It is a simple tool and is available for most popular browsers. View the available options at https://www.atbar.org/download/.

ATbar offers a large number of Voice options.


The color overlay options in ATbar have been proven to be the optimal colors to improve readability for people with Dyslexia.

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