Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Note Anywhere

Have you ever wanted to leave a note on a webpage?
Are you looking for a tool to leave some thoughts while doing some research?

I have a great option for you to try.

Note Anywhere

Note Anywhere is a Google Extension. It allows you to add one or more Post-it type notes on any page. 
The notes stay on the page until you delete them. The notes load auto-magically when you open the web page.  If you have notes on any given webpage, the extension icon tells you how many post-its you have on that page.

If you right click on the Note Anywhere icon in your extensions tool bar, you can open the options menu.  Within options you can change the color of the post-it note.  You can also view a summary of where you have notes.  It will provide you with a list of URL links to the articles with notes on them.  


Note Anywhere can be a useful research tool for both teachers and students.

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