Tuesday, November 16, 2021

5 Fun and Easy Equipment Free Games

As the colder weather begins here in Michigan, teachers are always looking for indoor movement activities in case outdoor recess is not an option.  Other teachers are always on the lookout for quick brain break activities.  

fit Sanford Health logo
fit by Sanford Health has a bunch of great ideas to help kids stay active.  The site is full of activities and informaiton about fitness as well as some social emotional strategies for students and families.

Their blog post this week is 5 Fun and Easy Equipment Free Games (https://bit.ly/30dAXlU).

Follow the links to check out the site and their recent blog post.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Siri for Personalization and Off-Line Supports

Did you know that you can use Siri to personalize your iDevice experience? With the release of iOS 15 you can now use Siri for advanced personalization and off-line supports.

Siri now learns the contacts you interact with most, new words you type, and topics you read about — all privately on your device. This allows for an improved understanding of speech recognition on the iPad.

Siri can also process a variety of requests offline, without an internet connection. Some of these options include:
  • Timers & Alarms
  • Sharing
  • App Launch
  • Control Audio Playback
  • Settings

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Adding a New Line Within a Cell

Sometimes when I am working in Google Sheets I want some of the information in a cell to start on a new line.  There are times when this helps both visually and for organizational purposes.  

The cell on the left feels cluttered, hard to read.  The cell on the right contains the exact same information but is less cluttered, easier to view.


Previously I would add a bunch of spaces to the end of a section so that the next bit of information would start on a new line.  This process was time consuming and not always accurate when you would print the document.

There is an easier way.

Place your cursor where you want the new line to start. 
On a Mac, use the key combination: command + enter.
On a PC, use the key combination: control + enter.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Some Google Extensions are great tools for productivity and organization.  One Extension that can be very helpful is OneTab.


One Tab allows you to convert all of your open tabs into a list of URLs.  

From the list you can restore your tabs individually or all at once.  

Using OneTab can conserve battery power on a laptop/Chromebook.  It can also help speed up your device.  OneTab temporarily reduces the amount of memory your computer or chromebook uses, when you keep too many tabs running in the background.

The URL list can also be exported to save for later or to be shared with someone.

OneTab may be just the tool your students need when they are working on a research paper for your class.  They can open and view multiple tabs.  When computer time is over, they send the OneTab list to their G-Mail for later review and use.  They will have all of their research available to them, without having to continually start over or remember what they had searched for previously.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Turn on/off auto numbering and bullets in Google

1. When you start a line with a number, auto numbering automatically turns on.
2. This is great if it is the feature you want.
3. If this is not what you want...
4. Shut it off by un-selecting the numbering button in the tool bar.



This also works for turning on and off bullets.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Google Timer - guest writer Jerilyn Lynn

In order to provide great information for my readers, I have enlisted the help of some guest writers.

This week I am using a write-up from Jerilyn Lynn, M.I.L.S - University of Michigan, Technology Resource Specialist for Ypsilanti Community Schools.

Google Timer

  1. Go to the Google Search Page: www.google.com

  2. Enter: timer 5 minutes (or whatever time you want) 5 minutes is just an example of minutes

  3. Press the enter key.

  4. The timer will automatically start counting down!

  5. Click the speaker icon to mute the alarm.

  6. Click the frame icon to switch to the full-screen mode.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader is a Google Extension that allows you to remove webpage noise and clutter from an article to make it easier for students to read.  

Mercury Reader Extension - Off          Mercury Reader Extension -On

Mercury Read allows you to make minor changes to font style, size and light/dark background options.  

Mercury Reader Extension - Settings icon     Mercury Reader Extension - Settings Menu

Mercury Reader also has a keyboard shortcut 
which allows you to switch the Reader on and off within any article:
Cmd + Esc for Mac users
Alt + ` for Windows users