Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Phonetic Spell Checker

Spell checkers are getting more and more sophisticated.  They are able to pick up more misspellings, daily.  Even though, there are still times that Google or Word cannot determine what was written on the paper, they give you a squiggly line but no suggestions.

Werdz is a website that can help with this.  According to their website, "Werdz is a phonetic spell checker that uses the sounds of clusters of letters to determine how a word should be correctly spelled.  It correctly spells words like sossidge, lettis and menny utha werdz." 

Test it out for yourself.  Go to Werdz and type in a phonetic spelling of a word and look at all of the suggestions that populate. 

You can listen to the different options by selecting the speaker icon or selecting the work.  Selecting the word will take you to OneLook.  Selecting the speaker icon you will be re-directed to howjsay.com.


One Look not only provides pronunciations of words but it also provides different search options.  By going directly to the sight, you can look up a definition or a related word.  One Look also lets you search for portions of words or words related to word sections.  It is and interesting sight to explore.  

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