Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to Find: Google Add-ons

In comparison to Microsoft Office, the Google Suite of apps has always been considered less powerful. Google has been adding features into their software to make it more compatible to Microsoft. Some of these features are available though what Google calls Add-ons.

Google Add-ons are items that enhance the functioning of the Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.  
Add-ons are created by developers to give you features similar to Microsoft Office.

To browse through add-ons for Docs, Sheets and Forms, select Get add-ons in the Add-ons menu of any open Doc, Sheet or Form.

Once you install an add-on it will become available across all of your Docs, Sheets and Forms and you can start using it right away.

Follow my posts this summer as I explore some great Add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms.

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