Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Story Shares

As many as 90 million teens and adults in America lack crucial literacy skills. Approximately 70% of all middle and high school students require some form of reading remediation. About 26% of 12th graders graduate reading below grade level. As students get older it becomes harder to find content that is both relevant for their age and readable at their level. Readers become unmotivated or disinterested, and often stop reading altogether.

Story Shares (https://www.storyshares.org/books) is a non-profit organization devoted to inspiring reading practices and improving literacy skills for individuals of all ages.   Story Shares has a library full of books that are both compelling and approachable for struggling teen and young adult readers - Relevant Reads.

If you are interested in writing a book to share on Story Shares check out their Guidelines.

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