Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Fun Alternative for Spelling Words

Spelling practice can be tough for many kids.  It can be an agonizing activity for students that struggle with handwriting.

One alternative to handwriting is keyboarding.  To help with the visual memory of words, while still using keyboarding, have your students use Spell with Flicker.  

Spell with Flickr is a free website that allows users to create letter-by-letter visualizations of words.  The website works by pulling from tags of letters with photos uploaded to the photo sharing site Flickr.com.  

Students type one word at a time into the Spell box:

Students will then get an image of the word.

You can click on each letter to change the image.  Words can then be screen-shotted and added into a Doc to be handed into the teacher.  

Consider this fun, simple alternative to help struggling students become excited with spelling again.

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