Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Wintertime Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings

A couple of weeks ago I went to a great Professional Learning session offered by our local REMC, REMC 16, called Google Ignite.  The session was by Eric Curts, G Suite Certified Trainer and Innovator.

During his session he showed a variety of great ways to use resources created by or sponsored by Google.  We looked at some Google sites as well as the Google Workspace apps.  

Google Drawings is a great Google app that is often under-utilized.  It is great for activities that you would think of as 'one-slide' activities.  Almost everything you can do in Google Slides you can do in Google Drawings, and vice versa.  

One of the fun activities he showed us was Wintertime Magnetic Poetry.  His blog post on the topic contains some great information and even contains a template link that you can copy and use.  

How will you use this activity in your classroom?

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