Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Knowt (https://knowt.io/) allows you to make flashcards and quizzes directly from your class notes. Teachers can use this to make class assignments and students can use it to study for tests.

You can also search for other people's notes on the same subject area. They are continuously working to add notes based on school textbooks. Students can apply to become a KnowtTaker and earn volunteer hours for writing notes that students around the world can study from.  Teachers can get paid for writing notes for Knowt.

Knowt was created by 3 high school kids who were bored with regular note taking. All three now all attend MIT.

Teachers can share notes with students via Google Classroom as well.

Did you zone out during the lecture? Did you miss something the teacher said? Was the teacher talking too fast, you couldn't keep up? You can use Knowt to immediately check to see if your class notes make sense. If the quiz doesn't make any sense you may have missed some important information. Re-read you notes and fill in what you remember or talk with a classmate or your teacher to fill it in.

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