Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tab Snooze

How many times have you started to read an article online and been interrupted?  You know you will forget to go back and finish it if you bookmark the tab for later.  Now there is a new option, you can Tab Snooze it.

Tab Snooze

With Tab Snooze you can "snooze" a tab until you have time to come back to it.  You can snooze it until tomorrow, next week, even next month.  In the selection menu, you can also set a specific date and time you want the snoozed tab to reopen.  

What if you discover you have some time on your hands.  You can access a snoozed tab at any time by looking in the Snoozed tabs section of the selection menu.  

Tab Snooze also has an awesome To-Do tab option.  You can use it to create a colorful tab as a reminder.  Select the check mark in the bottom right hand corner of the selection menu and try it for yourself.

Tab Snooze is quickly climbing my list of favorite Google Extensions.

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