Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Exciting News from Bookshare: Updated 12/2/2016

I read through the newsletter from Bookshare every time they send it out.  This month's newsletter had some very exciting information!  Bookshare now makes their books available in an EPUB format allowing Apple users to read books using iBooks.  

This is exciting news for me because we are a district full of Apple products.  We have iMacs and MacBooks.  We also have a large number of iPads.

I have not had time to test out the process since I read the article (it is on my agenda for this week), but I have shared it with some of my co-workers (and it is going to be my school newsletter article this month).  Bookshare has done a great write-up already on how to download the books and load them into iBooks for both MacOS and iOS.

I am including a few links below, sending you directly to the Bookshare website.  The site contains everything you would need to know about Bookshare.  I am including links to a few locations to get you started. 

Is Bookshare for me?

Who Qualifies?

What does it cost?

and lastly,

Can I open a book in iBooks?

Update: (12/2/2016)

I was able to test the process provided by Bookshare this week.  

The above tutorial titled, Can I open a book in iBooks?, is a good write up but when I tried to download a book I noticed a couple of key items that are not included.

  • You must use Safari to download the books
  • Books still have to be assigned to Members by Sponsors (unless they have an individual account in addition to their organizational account)

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