Tuesday, May 16, 2017

High Contrast

Have you ever struggled with reading something online because the background was too bright?  Do you have students that have this type of visual impairment?

There are a number of ways to adjust the settings on your computer to take care of this, but many of them can be cumbersome.  The biggest issue with changing settings is that you often have to change them frequently, not all sites are too bright and not all settings work on all sites.

You could try using High Contrast.  High Contrast is a Google Extension that will change or invert the colors on a webpage to make it easier to read.  High Contrast applies filters to the page instead of changing settings.  It lets you browse the web and can make reading online text easier.

When you initially install this extension, all pages will be "inverted", black is white and white is black. There is an Enable / Disable button to allow you to toggle the extension on and off.  There is also the option to use a keyboard shortcut (see image above).

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